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Welcome to Ocean Peak Investments

Ocean Peak Investment is the global fund banking company that is completely autonomous. Our range of investment options spans both market capitalization and scope, ranging from geographic and global initiatives to multi-asset tactical investment.

Our People

We're mostly a company for individuals. It is our opportunity to draw, preserve and inspire the talented professionals and support workers.

Mission Statement

The aim of Ocean Peak Investment is to enable our clients to build up new resources and to preserve and/or produce significant revenue from existing assets.

Our Outlook

The global economy remains moderately hopeful, but able to adjust strategies in the event of an unexpected decrease in growth expectations.

Our Services

Investment Management

By confidential authority on your behalf, you are free to safeguard your daily enterprise, knowing that we do a lot of work to ensure the achievement of your return on investment objectives.

Financial Planning Services

There are no two equal investors. Your life evolves like no other and thus needs a financial action plan tailored to match your circumstance and the special features of your life.

The LongShort Report

The Long-Short Report is a common investment report on subscriptions for more seasoned investors who wish to benefit from short-term, usually financial market-associated volatility.

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