Our Research

Our Investment Process

We illustrate commitment to discipline in our analysis and risk assessment by addressing the multiple actions we take even before you associate with us as one of your trusted consultants. As the adage suggests, ‘failure to prepare is a failure plan,’ although it is not obvious where this is concerned, as vividly and as frequently as it is.

Our Research

Our in-house and sector-based fundamental analysis is the cornerstone of our highly active investment process and is essential to the MKP Capital Europe investment theory. We employ more than 30 professionals, grouped globally by business and market.

Sector-Specific Expertise

Specialized experience in each field is established with this strategy. In global teams, the analysts are sure to have the extensive coverage which is essential for our ability to provide an access standard that is compatible with a highly qualified investment manager.

Keeping our Edge

We believe our determination to work one-on-one with businesses is vital to ensuring that we keep our edge over our competitors. It is essential that we evaluate the key drivers for the various inventories that we use in the portfolios of our customers.

This commitment enables Ocean Peak Investments to recognize lucrative investment prospects in our view. Our investors, working together in a team-based meritocracy, focus on developing portfolios that deliver competitive risk-fixed returns.


01 Addressing Your Priorities

Our experts spend as long as they need to get to your situation’s source. You ask questions so that you can identify the problems that need to be addressed as priorities. It can be a liberating feeling and many consumers are shocked to see their barebones laid on paper.

02 Constructing the Plan

We use the intricacies of your financial assets, liabilities, debt, cash flow, capital and a variety of other information to classify areas of concern. After we finish our assessment, we will collaborate closely with you in drawing up a straightforward and succinct action plan that will deal with all problems – some of them sooner than later.

We shall expect you to ask several questions at this stage, as at others. We welcome inquiries, as we know you want to learn as much as possible about the planning process. We will clarify why we make suggestions and wait for questions or suggestions again.

03 Assessing Risk

After we figure out what precautions are being taken, we determine the investment risk tolerance. It will basically see to what degree the money will be subjected to danger and it will have an effect on the accumulation of capital and the speed at which it takes place. We will continue to explore the investments your money will need to purchase for your portfolio while deciding your risk tolerance.